HUD Adapter Kits

Alpha Systems AOA Valkyrie HUD (Heads Up Display)

Valkyrie HUD (Eagle or Falcon Displays)

P#:DSTR-AOA-9075K       $500.00 $450.00 

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Alpha Systems AOA Ultra Valkyrie HUD (Heads Up Display)

Valkyrie HUD (Ultra Display)

P#:DSTR-AOA-8045K       $500.00 $450.00

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Mounting Plates

Elliptical 8" x 4-1/2" Custom Mounting Plate, Angle of Attack Indicator, AOA Indicator, Alpha Systems AOA, AOA Display
Elliptical Mounting Plate
P#: DSTR-AOA-4150
Outright:  $450.00 $405.00
With kit: $400.00 $360.00 
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Universal 6" Round Custom AOA (Angle of Attack) Indicator Probe Mounting plate intended for Cirrus G1/G2 wing
6" Round Mounting Plate
P#: DSTR-AOA-4051
Outright: $450.00 $405.00
With kit: $400.00 $360.00
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The 3-1/2” Round Custom AOA (Angle of Attack) Probe Mounting plate intended for Maule aircraft.
3 1/2" Round Mounting Plate
P#: DSTR-AOA-4046 
Outright:  $450.00 $405.00
With kit: $400.00 $360.00 w/kit 
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Doubler 5-1/4" x 4-1/4" Custom AoA Probe Mounting plate
Doubler Mounting Plate
P#: DSTR-AOA-4200 
Outright: $525.00 $472.00
With kit: $475.00 $427.00
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12VDC Heated Probe for our AOA (Angle of Attack) Indicator Kits
12VDC Heated probe
P#: DSTR-AOA-7000k
Outright:$250.00 $225.00     
With kit: $200.00 $180.00
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24VDC Heated Probe for our AOA (Angle of Attack) Indicator Kits
24VDC Heated Probe
Outright:$250.00 $225.00       
With kit:$200.00 $180.00
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Heated Probe
12VDC Low Profile Heated Probe
Right Wing P#:DSTR-AOA-7000LPRK
Left Wing P#:DSTR-AOA-7000LPLK
Outright:$250.00 $225.00
With kit: $200.00 $180.00
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Heated Probe has a built in heater of 24V that minimizes the potential for ice build up on the leading edge of the probe

24VDC Low Profile Heated probe
Right Wing P#:DSTR-AOA-7001LPRK
Left Wing P#:DSTR-AOA-7001LPLK
Outright: $250.00 $225.00       
With kit: $200.00 $180.00
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Heated Relay Kit
Heated Relay Kit
12V P#: AOA-1999-12V  $125.00 $112.00
24V P#: AOA-1999-24V  $125.00 $112.00
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Probe cover with flag, bright orange and yellow in color only fits our AOA Probe
Probe Cover
 P#: AOA-4053       $16.50 $14.00
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Mounting Kits

This mounting kit allows the Eagle, Falcon, and Legacy AOA Display to be mounted vertically above the glare shield
Vertical Swivel Mount (Eagle & Falcon)
P#:DSTR-AOA-9040EK      $90.00 $81.00
 This mounting kit allows the Merlin AOA (Angle of Attack) Indicators to be mounted above the glare shield
Swivel Mount (Merlin)
P#: DSTR-AOA-9050K     $90.00 $81.00


 3 1/8" Adapter Ring for the Hawk & Condor AOA (Angle of Attack) Indicators

3 1/8" Adapter Ring (Hawk & Condor)
P#:AOA-4150       $75.00 $67.00
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This Adapter kit allows the user to upgrade from a Classic 4

Offset Panel Mounting Bracket
(Convert a Classic 4" to a Merlin Display)

P#: DSTR-AOA-9912K    
Free w/Purchase of a Merlin AOA Kit
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I/O Module Enhancement for flaps
I/O Module Enhancement (FLAPS)
P#DSTR-AOA-1981       $550.00 $495.00 
Please call to place and order. (763)506-9990


Custom Length Cables for your Aircraft
Custom Cables
 P#: Varies       $75.00
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