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Raven Kit

Kit Features

The Raven kit can have either the chevron style display or the bar graph style display. Pilots will benefit greatly by having real time AOA displayed from a dual, heads up display (HUD) in their peripheral vision. This standalone retrofit kit is for the GA, commuter, commercial, and trasport aviation community. This kit takes the AOA information already provided by a certified AOA system and reads the AOA information via RS232 or ARINC 429 serial bus. Custom OEM configurations and programs available. Also available in single or dual. 


Manual Coming Soon!


Single chevron style display product#: DSTR-AOA-9300EK


Dual chevron style display product #: DSTR-AOA-9300EKDUAL


Single bar graph style display product #: DSTR-AOA-9300FK


Dual bar graph style display product #: DSTR-AOA-9300FKDUAL






Single chevron style display $4,125.00

 Dual chevron style display $5,250.00





Single bar graph style display $4,125.00

Dual bar graph style display $5,250.00

Please email us if you wish to apply a discount at aoa@depotstar.com