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Eagle AOA with HUD Display

Technique: Angle of Attack

Here is an overview of Alpha Systems AOA

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 Alpha Systems - AOA

Our mission is to improve aircraft operation and flight safety for General Aviation. Born out of lifesaving military technology, our passionate team has developed a sleek line of innovative Alpha Systems Angle of Attack indicators. Affordable, high quality, intuitive, with trusted support; we benefit from knowing you’re safe.


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FAA Letters

Mitsubishi MU-2 Aircraft Approval Mitsubishi MU-2 Aircraft Approval

Alpha Systems AOA system: FAA accepted aross GA FAA Certification Letter

FAA Letter Minor Alteration Letter

Press Releases

Alpha-Systems-AOA-Make-any-AOA-system-better Make any AOA system better

FAA Certification Overview Letter FAA Certification Overview Letter

Alpha Systems AOA system Selected by Mitsubishi for MU-2 Selected by Mitsubishi for MU-2

FAA Articles

Regulatory Roadblock Reduction Regulatory Roadblock Reduction

FAA targets Loss of Control accidents in GA FAA targets LOC accidents

FAA Issues Call to Action FAA Issues Call to Action

FAA Policy Helps Modernize GA Airplanes and Helicopters FAA Policy Helps Modernize GA

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Eagle Display with Flap BiasingEagle Display with Flap Biasing

Flying by Angle of AttackFlying by Angle of Attack